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Civil Court Filings – Recordings Of Non-criminal Activities

Civil court filings pertain to documentation for all civil court cases, which are roughly defined as all cases that are non-criminal in nature. These records are also those that govern private citizens and are to be distinguished from international law and military law as well.

Civil court filings are those with less than ten thousand dollars involved, while cases that deal with more than this amount are usually tried at the Supreme Court. For those cases with less than five thousand dollars at stake, the magistrate will be the one responsible for deciding if this can be tried at a small claims court. Civil documents are divided into several groups depending on the different laws that they fall under.

Civil Court Document Categories

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Beware Of The Forensic Psychology Csi Effect

CSI, Profiler, Missing these popular television shows are fun and entertaining to watch, but have created many misunderstandings about the field of forensic psychology.

Watching the handsome or beautiful agent artful deduce from a single strand of hair and a scuff on the baseboard near the kitchen that the culprit was wearing blue suede shoes as he entered the home through the patio doors, paused for a drink of lemonade from fridge, filled the glass to the height of a cup, paused to admire a painting and then brutally murdered the inhabitants with an ice knife before walking casually out the front door can have you on the edge of your seat. You may wonder and marvel at how quickly and easily these bloody crimes can be solved as the (beautiful and handsome) agents drop fabric/blood samples into special solutions that all but pop out an address to the criminals lair. You shake your head in wonder as they reconstructed a crushed cell phone using nothing more than a pair of tweezers and a piece of string which immediately enables them to hear the victims final call that also conveniently names the killer. Wow, you marvel (as these heroes of the unfortunate slain push through gritty and complicated crime scenes, solving each murder in one hour including commercial breaks while elegantly surfing their own relationship and family dramas) forensic psychology has come such a long way!

Yes, forensic psychology has come a long way, but not in the way these popular shows would have us to believe. Entertaining? You bet! Realistic? No. Even though the majority of the population can fully appreciate that these shows are based in entertainment rather than fact, this CSI effect has had a great influence on how we view situations where forensics come into play. American legal professionals claim the profusion of forensic psychology crime shows has jurors expecting exciting, damming evidence and spectacular shows of forensics in the courtroom while enrollment in forensic psychology post secondary education has notably increased worldwide. On a positive note, these shows bring forensic sciences into public awareness which has created a greater demand for forensic evidence in real crime investigations.

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The Most Common Areas Of Law Practice

It should come as no surprise; there are many different types of law. It is up to each individual attorney to decide on which area or areas of law he or she will ultimately practice.

In todays fast paced world, four of the most common areas of practice continue to be personal injury, family law, immigration and criminal defense. Many of the most successful law firms have achieved this success by specializing in litigation and trial strategies, encompassing these areas.

Personal Injury Law. Personal injury law covers MANY types of injuries as well as the worst case scenario, wrongful death. These injuries include but are not limited to: birth injuries, nursing home abuse and neglect, medical malpractice, slip and fall, vehicle accidents (auto, train, bus, ATV, motorcycle, bicycle, airplane) and injuries caused by defective products.

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Criminal Assault in Canada

Criminal Assault in Canada What is an assault? The definition of assault is found in the Criminal Code at section 265. Generally an assault occurs when a person directly or indirectly applies force intentionally to another person, or who attempts or threatens to do so without consent.

What degree of force is required to assault somebody? A person need not harm someone for an assault to occur. An accused may commit an assault although he exerts no degree of strength or power when touching the victim. The force however must be offensive or an affront to an individual’s dignity. A push or pinch may be sufficient to establish an assault. What if I accidentally hit someone?

The application of force must be intentional. Accidentally hitting someone during the course of an epileptic seizure, for example, would not constitute an assault. However accidentally hitting one person in an attempt to hit another is not a defence to assault. It does not matter who the intended victim is, as long the offender intended to apply force to any individual, it is still an assault.

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An Essay On Corruption In India

The last two decades of the existence of independence, India has seen a steep upward trend in the graph of existing corruption. The media, the public, the variety of forums for discussions and debates for the higher intelligentsia are all neck deep buried in highlighting the rampant corruption in every sphere. In this debate the rural folk are also not far behind.

These days they are also very well aware of the malpractices in the highest of levels of all places. So much so that now, the average Indian has reached the highest level of disgust and disappointment at the way things are moving in this country.

Let us first of all understand what is meant by corruption and corrupt practices. In brief, anything that is below all standard norms of morality in a country, is called or defined as corruption and corrupt practices. These norms are a fixed standard in any given society, and when these are broken we say that, a society is getting corrupted. This corruption as we see it today is not a development that has come overnight, it has been a continuous process for the last several decades and, to day it has seeped into the very blood stream of the system.

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